Operate with Confidence

Your source for valuable research, insights and strategies to chart a new path forward.

Your source for valuable research, insights and strategies to chart a new path forward.

As we navigate unprecedented changes that affect every area of our workforces and workplaces, we know the importance of emphasizing safety and well-being for all. To support organisations during these efforts, we have compiled a variety of resources to help you operate with confidence.

Checklists to Operate Your Business Safely

Sodexo offers seven essential checklists to reference as you prepare to operate safely and support your employees, customers and guests through continually evolving circumstances. These checklists include Health Authority guidelines concerning disinfection and cleanliness, how to manage possible illness in the workplace, dining services and other key considerations.

Four Steps to Operating Safely

This ebook outlines insights and proven strategies to guide organizations as they adapt their plans for facilities management within the COVID context, including:

• Identifying the key activities that are essential to your business

• Conducting a workplace risk assessment

• Communicating plans that build confidence within your organization

Insights for Adaptive Leaders

As we're all experiencing the changes brought by the pandemic, adaptability has never been more important for us as businesses leaders. In our new ebook, Thriving in the Worklife Evolution: Insights for Adaptive Leaders, we've gathered insights on employees and how to navigate challenges as you lead your teams into tomorrow.

Operating with Confidence: How to Meet the Needs of an Evolving Workplace

Subject matter experts from Verizon, Gensler, Wx and International Well Building Institute (IWBI) share evidence-based strategies to make the workplace safer, whether at the office, at home, or in the “in-between” spaces.

• Learn what companies are doing to reassure employees that it is safe to return to the office.

• Learn how technology is being used to enable the health, safety and wellbeing of all employees regardless of work location.

• Learn why some facilities management leaders are shifting their strategies post-COVID and industry insights into how they plan to do it.

COVID-19 Lessons Learned from Senior Living Communities Around the Globe


With many countries being months or weeks ahead of North America, we’ve invited community directors to share their insights on how they are managing in the new COVID reality. Zeta Smith, CEO of Sodexo Seniors North America, interviews speakers representing Senior Living communities in Singapore, France, and China. They share lessons learned, and discuss how they are managing after the peak of the pandemic.


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